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Tuesday, June 9th, 2009

February was 2009 ITP thesis video of Mia Xue Hou. Xue had posted on the school’s listseve asking about music for her piece. I suggested composing original music and offered to help out a fellow student, now alumni. We never met in person regarding the video and had little correspondence via email. But one night I really sat down and I have to say I am really happy with the outcome. Xue made a few changes to the final video but here’s the pre thesis cut.

Animated by: Xue Hou
Music by: Allistar D. Peters

Blowing Kisses

Monday, November 17th, 2008
blowing kisses

Blowing Kisses
A collaboration with Allistar D. Peters & Amanda O’Brien

Blowing Kisses is a person-to-person communication device activated by blowing a kiss. Each device has a breathing(pulsing) light base and a pinwheel and communicates wirelessly with each other. The object is to send a kiss to a loved one on the receiving end, which is indicated via the breathing light - Think of when you see the flashing light on your answering machine, just that you know who the message is from and the light is soothing to the eyes and the thought soothing to the heart.
The breathing light message comes in many colors which is dependent on the level of effort made by the sender, your loved one when they blow on the pinwheel attached to the device.

Here is the initial color code:

  • BLUE represents a passing peck, say on the cheek
  • GREEN represents, I thought of you a bit more, here’s a proper kiss
  • YELLOW for I really miss you - here I am kiss
  • And Steaming RED for that passionate I desire you NOW kiss.
  • To send a Steaming RED one have to really put effort into blowing which, after many user testing, left a few light-heading and giddy. This is synonymous to how some people feel when they are in love.

    We see these devices serving people who are in long distant relationships and in different time zones. Imagine waking up or coming home to a kiss. A gentle light in your dim cosy space, something which expresses someone special thinking of you.

    During the show most people loved the product and really got the concept. It’s simple, it represents something pleasant and it makes people smile.

    I would like to develop and enhanced version of this product and see if users change its use. Maybe it can serve as a distance romance tool for the deaf or reactive mood decoration. Maybe having a wireless meshed network of blowing kisses might light up a town one night reminding us that love is in the air.