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Trouble Focusing and Balancing the White in Vinegar Hill!

Tuesday, January 30th, 2007

So here I am on this lovely but still cold evening. I decided on my way to school to take a walk down to DUMBO and Vinegar Hill - I love not too far. normally i ride my bike through there but since I had the camera it made more sense at the time. The sky was shifting between the blues and grey painting the scenery moment by moment. Throughout the journey I found it hard to white balance against the blistering grey and focus on specific element. So the is what I came up with. Hope to add more in the coming days:

Downloading: Click on Images to to view and / or Right Click - Control Click on the MAc to download full size photos if desired:

Settings: [ ISO=50 | WB = Cloudy & Custom | Varied Shutter Speed | Manual Focus ]

Are these edible?:
Are these edible?:
Flower Pot:
Flower Pot
The name is…:
Old House:
Old House
Please take this sweater:
Green Sweater
Green Building:
Green Building
Outside The Gates:
Outside Gates
Fire Escape
Work Lamp:
Work lamp
Someone’s Art:
Someone's Art

Paper Prototyping:

Tuesday, January 30th, 2007

So here’s the Paper Prototype for a digital Desk clock:

What I liked about this process, certainly not it’s tedious approach, is the fact that you have to move elements around and say out loud what each step means. i found myself having to correct, a form of quality control if you’d like. I chose the Desktop clock verses a web based interface, which would require much more outline time and user testing before any demonstration.

More thoughts will follow during and after class.