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Super Macro shots using the Olympus SP510UZ with Canon 18-55mm lens

Wednesday, March 28th, 2007

I’ve been experimenting with Super Macros using a Canon 18-55mm standard lens, technique similar to what we did in class. I found it a bit difficult to hold the lens with hand and keep the focus. also the diameter of the canon lens seem much smaller than the Olympus, thus the circle. Here are the results.

Downloading: Click on Images to to view and / or Right Click - ‘Control’ Click on the MAC to download full size photos if desired:

Close Up of Watch:
Close up Watch
The Watch:

Close Up of Sun Glasses temple:
Close up Sun Glasses
Sun Glasses:
Sun Glasses

Close Up of Stamp:
Close up Stamp
Drinking Glass: just thought I’d through this one in for fun. I like it
Drinking Glass
Close Up of written 88:
Close up 88

Guess what:
Guess what

I also took some night shots using the BULB feature on my Olympus. One challenge I had was that I had to keep my hand on the shooting button throughout the duration, which, although the camera was on a tripod, increased chances for movement decreasing charpness. Will take a few more from my roof over the weekend but here are this weeks results.

Night shot of Sky using Bulb feature 1:
Night shot of sky 1
Night shot of Sky using Bulb feature 2:
Night shot of sky 2

My Unscripted Midterm Presentation for Mechanisms

Thursday, March 22nd, 2007

It was show-time today and all ideas fell apart due to lack of parts and maybe poorer planning. First idea was to use springs to create a mini bungee, have a little person in the device then calculate the trajectory using an accelerometer.

sketch 1

As you can see from the sketch there should be two tension springs attached to a base. The base is then attached to a hook release system, which when pressed releases the base and catapults the man in the air. This motion is recorded via the accelerometer and the numbers mapped in the computer using Arduino. Of course things did not turn out this way. First no accelerometer, the springs I got became stretched out beyond use and I was missing other parts. Poor planning one would say. Hope not to make this mistake again but hope to accomplish this. It would be interesting to try different weighted objects and calculate and graft its trajectory.

Now for class I changed my idea and decided to try to generate electric flux by pulling the spring over a metal rod which was powered with 5 volts. The concept was to measure ones pulling force and represent it as force a against resistance - if you can imagine.

sketch 2

Anyway, I forgot one important thing. In order to create an eletomegnetic flux I need to move the spring very fast, even faster than than my hands could move. This motioned while well intentioned triggered another concept most would seem very inappropriate for class. I had a light attached to the output of the rod and also had the numeric values printed serially in Aduino environment. As you can see the light did not dim with movement, instead turned on and off. This was due to just basic contact between the pole and the spring. Well, this prompted another application for such device, one old and appropriate. A Morse code generator.