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Sunday, January 20th, 2008

I went to see Small Metal Objects at the Whitehall Ferry Terminal, where you go to catch the Staten Island Ferry, in an open area where the passengers and terminal stuff all gather for their daily commute. It was going to be the last show - 6:45 pm Monday January 14th, and we had no reservations. But there was a list to apply your name if there were extra tickets. So I added my name and we waited. Sitting around I was wondering how would they do this performance. I did see the rows of chairs all saddled with headphones. The booklet described how it would take place but it was hard to imaging without suspect. It was noisy, thus the headphones, and visually distracting with all the people. But I was game.
Moving ahead I was now in line for a leftover ticket and hoping I get lucky for one of the seats. I was the last person to get seating. It was from row left, but still great place to view the action. Finally there was a girl holding up some cards and instructed us to put our headphones on. She then held up another card which asked the question is the audio ok and what to do if not. Her final card said to ‘Enjoy the show’. There was sounds of somewhat lazy theatrical music, then we heard conversations. At first I did not know what to make of it. It sounded pre-recorded and produced. But I was still looking for the actors embedded in the crowd as was everyone else. I did see this one very strange looking guy but later thought he was just too strange looking, sort if a New York weirdo type who looked like he had a physical and mental development disorder. Turned out later that the same guy was one of the main characters. The plot developed as the players revealed themselves over time keeping us alert and curious. The play concluded with us feeling delighted and replying with applause.

You can read the write-up of this performance at the Back to Back Theater’s website.

All-and-all I have to say ‘What an amazing performance’… I wished I had known about this performance earlier. I would have recommended it to other friends and it was FREE. Man I love NYC.


Bitforms with Golan Levin

Sunday, January 13th, 2008

What a spontaneous moment again triggered by the al mighty ITP list - Rui who posted that Golan Levin was speaking at Bitforms about his new works. I haven’t been to Bitforms in many months so this was my opportunity to catch up on some works. I missed the introduction of his talk but was very much engaged my what he had to say and his preview videos were very compelling. No one would explain his work better than him or his his press kit so I would just highlight some of his stuff.



Reface (Portrait Sequencer):

Interstitial Fragment Processor:

Ghost Pole Propagator:

All this can be found at
I look forward to more of his works and future talks.

Here are some more links of Golan Levin’s work:

TED Talk


At Flong