Web Accessibility & You!

As a company, you've adopted newer technologies to help develop products more effectively and enrich the engagement for your customers both internal and external. This is the current and future of everything internet and you are very excited about embracing those technologies that apply. One technology component is Web Accessibility and it’s the standard many websites are implementing as laws and requirements are evolving.

Image Provided by Kinex Media. You can download their Web Accessibility Guide here

You must be asking how does Web Accessibility Affect You? We all have either had an accessibility requirement ( Needing glasses, Sprained wrist, Mobile device use, etc.. ) or will need services as we grow older. It’s definitely coming for us… 

The next few pages are a general outline of what is Web accessibility and how we can implement it into our current system from Product, Design, Development, and QA. Click here to go to start learning more